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This Book is Overdue, how Librarians and Cybrarians can save us all. Marilyn Johnson, HarperCollins, 2010.

Covers the amazing changes that have taken place in libraries and the profession of librarian in the last few years. The change from card catalogs to computer catalogs, and the increasing use of online databases instead of reference books. The whole mess of the Patriot Act and the FBI’s attempts to invade privacy at libraries. The rise of radical librarians, and librarian blogs. The changes in libraries because of decreased funding and changes in public policy. The debates over preservation and discarding of materials And most of all, how we need librarians more than ever, despite, and because of the increasing use of computers. The author is obviously a heavy library user, both personally and professionally. Anyone who is in the library field will really appreciate this book, and probably recognize many of the topics. And library users need to know about the behind the desk information and anecdotes shared.

This review is telegraphic, because the book itself is indeed overdue, but I wanted to tell friends, and especially librarian friends, about it before I quick drop it in the returns slot so Hennepin County counts it as returned on Sunday, when it was due.
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I forgot to mention this earlier. I read Magic Below Stairs earlier this week in one day. I dove in and came out the other side and enjoyed every minute of it. Only trouble is, being basically a kids book, I could read it quickly, and now it's over. Sort of Sorcery and Cecilia lite. I look forward to more.

Speaking of which, I just found out about another kids book, set in Regency England, with magic. It just came out in the UK, but won't be out in the US until next year, most likely. The local library has it on order, but Amazon doesn't seem to list it. There is a link to the first three chapters here.

There is also a contest for a free copy of the book, here.

[ profile] pegkerr recommends her, and that's good enough for me.


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