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Inspired by [personal profile] catherineldf here are some things we have done to help green our lives.

Switched light bulbs to compact fluorescents; have been doing this for long enough we've had to replace CFLs.
Had extra insulation added where we could.
Replaced most of the windows in the house with ones than conserve heat.
Have a "saver switch" for air conditioning
Buying groceries at the farmer's markets in season, and freezing for off season.
Replaced appliances with energy efficient ones - now all appliances are energy efficient.
Keep reusable bags in the car and use them for all shopping.
Recycling and composting - we've been doing this for a long time: we put much more in recylcling than in garbage and trying to eliminate that when we can by buying in bulk and so on.
Have not used pesticides or herbicides on our yard for as long as I've lived here. In extreme cases I use boiling water or vinegar or some other natural solution
Don't use salt in the winter, use safe ice melt or sand.
Organize errands to drive less.  Use transit when we can. Biking is not a option for us physically, so we still need two cars for the moment, but I hope to go down to one car and car sharing in the future.
Have meat-free days at least once a week.
Buy very little new, mostly socks and underwear. Use rags instead of paper products whenever possible.

Would like to do:
Put in rain garden
Put in more newer plumbing that would be more energy and water efficient
Replace the huge picture window that I know is a big cause of heat loss, but it would be hideously expensive, and I cannot find anyone to do it such that it would not totally change the look of the house. Everything that large would be ugly vinyl.
Martin is at the March for Science. I'm hanging out, because participating in marches is not realistic for me anymore.


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