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Using the Betty Boop icon because this is all about animation. Which I am a fan of, if you don't know already.

I just came back from the Oscar Nominated animated shorts at the Riverview Theater. They will be shown again tomorrow at 10:45 am. Three really excellent, a couple of good, and couple of, well, meh.

"Get a Horse" brings Micky Mouse into the 21st century by breaking the 4th wall and is hillarious. It starts as an old cartoon, but at one point, Mickey is catapulted through a hole in the screen into the "theater" which is in color, and has to get back to rescue Minnie from Pegleg Pete. Edited to add: the cartoon is new, but the creators use archival footage of Walt voicing Micky for the audio.

"Possessions" is Japanese, based on the idea that when objects are around long enough, they become embued with spirit, and react to being discarded or mistreated. A traveling fix-it man is caught in a rainstorm, and takes shelter in a hut which turns out to be filled with discarded umbrellas, cloth, and other things that must be dealt with.

And the third and best, the Oscar winner, is "Mr. Hublot", about a man and his robot pet. The artwork is some of the best steampunk illustration I have seen, and it's short and sweet.

I didn't like "Feral" because I found both the artwork and the plot unappealing. ""Room on the Broom" was a Witch story I really wanted to like, but it was too juvenile and too long for the amount of plot. It's from kid's book, and despite the cast, I found it tedious.

"The Missing Scarf" was narrated by George Takei, and was, I think, a parody of moralistic kiddie cartoons. I'd seen "The Blue Umbrella" before, but it was fine to see again.

Really, if you like animation, or any of these sound appealing, go.  After tomorrow, they'll be gone.

Edited to add: all of these have Wikipedia entries, if you want more information.

Date: 2014-03-29 06:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"Get a Horse" was shown along with "Frozen" and is absolutely INCREDIBLE in 3D.

Date: 2014-03-29 11:38 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
It was good to see you there. I enjoyed all of them to some extent, but "Mr. Hublot" was definitely my favorite. I wish we could show it at Minicon. I think Dean would like the dark humor of "The Missing Scarf." "Possessions" reminded me of other Japanese anime I've seen, and I liked the idea that the "possessions" were possessed. I'd recommend this program to anyone who likes animation.


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