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I was in junior high English, just outside of Washington, D.C. I think we were studying "As You Like It". One student had gotten permission to have a radio with an earphone (what we'd call an earbud now) because President Kennedy was going to make a major speech in Dallas. All of a sudden, he took out the plug, and we could all hear the radio, with the announcer saying "The president has been shot... we have no further information". The teacher quieted us down, and went in the hall to see if anyone else knew anything. Soon after, the bell rang, and we went to our next class, quite subdues, but not sure of what was happening. About 15 minutes into the class - for me it was home ec - the vice-principal came on the PA, and announced that the President was dead, and asked for a minute of silence. He then said class was dismissed in 5 minutes, and the buses would be there as soon as possible. I walked home, crying, wondering what would happen next. It was just over a year since the Cuban Missile Crisis, when we thought the world might be blown up that weekend. When I got home, my mother had the TV on, which was unheard of during the day, and was crying. We spent the weekend glued to the TV. I don't think I actually saw Oswald getting shot, but my brother, and a lot of other people did. I asked my mother about going to the funeral, but she pointed out that everyone would try to get downtown. I remember the picture of John Jr saluting the procession. And most of all, I remember Herblock's cartoon:

lincoln weeping
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