Aug. 6th, 2014

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A couple of months ago, I knocked the clock off my bedside table. It was an old clock, and the jolt caused it to develop an awful noise, which made it unsuitable for the bedroom. (Martin and I are both light sleepers.) I dug out a digital clock radio I picked up some years ago, used for a while, then abandoned. It works okay, except it's too big for the table, and has a variety of sounds that can be triggered by touching it the wrong way. Also, and even more important, it's a DIGITAL. In the middle of the night, I cannot always parse a digital read-out. I learned to tell time on a clock-face. Time is circular, and expressed by hands on a dial; anything else has to be translated in my head, which I can't always do in the wee hours.

So the search began for another clock.

All the stores I checked had nothing but digital clocks. Finding a dial clock was difficult. I made the mistake of buying the first one I did find, which turned out to be battery operated, and IT TICKED. OMG I hate ticking clocks. There are clocks online, but I couldn't tell if they ticked. Or had a dial that could be seen at night, but wasn't too bright.

I found one today, at Flamingos, an antique store on Cedar Avenue. It's an old Timex. Just what I wanted. Cheaper than anything new, and probably better. The light is dim, but enough to read the time. And it's a nice little dial clock. This made my day, and maybe my week.

By the way, is there anyone local who could use a small electric clock? I lost the receipt to the battery clock. It just needs one AA battery.


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